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Founded March 2019 Black Girls Skate (BGS) is a growing non-profit devoted to creating equity, visibility and safety for skaters who identify as Womxn, Non-binary, Trans AND Black, African, or Of Color. We are specifically invested in amplifying skaters across the Black diaspora with skating styles that include skateboarding, longboarding, roller skating and ice skating. BGS currently operates as a social media and content curation resource with 15 ambassadors across 10+ cities + 3 countries. Our programs seek to start dialogue and create meaningful content around skater visibility, safety and equity. Although open to all ages our events target minority communities youth and young adults aged 16-25. We are unapologetically focusing our efforts on Black womxn, while supporting/promoting IPOC efforts/communities.  


Our mission is to raise skater visibility, increase skater safety practices while providing positive safe spaces for new, aspiring and professional skaters. Additionally, through providing financial support with skater resources, producing free community events that connect and give voice to skaters and unique product manufacturing, we're building equity for those groups historically marginalized within skate culture and its developing industries. Our next steps for development include content marketing, tech development and education.  



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