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Black Girls Skate (BGS) is a growing non-profit created in March of 2019 and founded in 2020 by college friends DJ Gooden and Nicole Humphrey with a mission of heightening visibility, increasing safety practices and building equity for skaters who identify as Womxn, Non-binary, Trans AND Black, African, or Of Color. This includes all skill levels with skate styles including, skateboarding, long boarding, roller skating and figure skating. BGS currently operates with various teammates & partners throughout the U.S. All programs + initiatives seek to start meaningful dialogue amplifying BIPOC skater experiences while providing positive safe spaces for new, aspiring and professional skaters.


Although open to all ages our events target youth and adults aged 18-30. BGS currently operates as a content resource with projects developing in park engineering and product manufacturing and art. Beyond the skate park/space BGS's work spans skate culture and its developing industries.

 We are unapologetically focusing our efforts on Black women, while supporting/promoting IPOC efforts/communities. Through the Annual BGS Popup Tour and carebox experience, BGS has hosted over 15 meet-ups throughout 12 U.S cities and given away over 200 boxes totaling $20K+ in skater resources, swag, and protection gear.


Black Girls Skate mission is to raise skater visibility, increase skater safety practices while providing positive safe spaces for new, aspiring and professional skaters. Additionally, through providing financial support with skater resources, producing community events that connect and give voice to skaters and unique product manufacturing, we're building equity for those groups historically marginalized within skate culture and its developing industries.



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