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   Founded in 2019, Black Girls Skate (BGS) is a brand and non-profit devoted to creating equity, visibility and safety for skaters who identify as Black, African, or Of Color and/or women, differently-abled, or LGBTQ+. We are specifically invested in amplifying skaters across the Black diaspora with skating activities that include skateboarding, longboarding, roller skating, wcmx, figure skating and ice skating. This includes all skill levels, skate styles, and related sports. Everyone is welcome to join our events and all wheels are welcomed!

   Our mission is to raise skater visibility and increase skater safety practices, while providing positive safe spaces for new, aspiring, and professional skaters. We're building equity for those groups historically marginalized within skate culture and its developing industries.


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Meet Our Team Members:

Meet Our Board Members:



- Over 80K from Donors, Sponsors, and Grants!

- Over 2K participants serviced at our events!

- Over 25 Pop Ups hosted nationally.

Bottles Recycled
- Over 2K bottles recycled during our clean up sessions hosted after events.

Careboxes & Prizes Given
- Over 750 Careboxes and prizes given out to participants!


See stories of our work & progress!

Articles & Reviews of Our Work:

Black Girl Skate Google Reviews

2020 - 2023 

See Google Reviews written by participants, parents, and more!

Black Girls Skate: Celebrating Equity and Community Through Social Media, Stickers, and Skate Pop-Ups


"When DJ Gooden, founder of Black Girls Skate first learned about professional skater Samarria Brevard, the first Black woman to medal in the X Games, and Stephanie Person, a professional skateboarder since the 80s, they were shocked." - Story by Amanda Schumacher

How a Skate Group is Carving Out Space for Representation and Equity


"When you think of what a skater looks like, be it at a park, on ice, or in a roller rink, who are you picturing?" - Story by Meg Hilling

Empowering the Skating Community: A Spotlight on Black Girls Skate


"The world of skating is an exhilarating and empowering space, but it can also be daunting for those who don’t see themselves represented within it." - Story by Riedell

Black Girls Skate: Chicago Style


"It’s never too late to allow your inner Sk8ter Girl🛹 to blossom. In a field dominated by men, Black Girls Skate is creating a community for women, specifically women of color, to come, connect and skate." - Story by Tajah Ware

Black Girls Skate: A Community That Wants More for Skateboarding 


"BGS gives a platform to Black skateboarders and those who otherwise would struggle to see themselves represented." - Story by Paula Reid

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